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Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth (1485)

A presentation about Richard III and his role in the Wars of the Roses. It culminates in a dramatic presentation of the Battle of Bosworth. Ideal as an introduction to the Tudors.
It is accompanied by a display of  Fifteenth Century weapons and protective wear.

Tudor Health, Horrid Hygiene,

Revolting Illnesses and Worse Cures


Discover how a persons status affected their health, illnesses and treatment in Tudor times.


How illness was diagnosed in Tudor times  using: humoural theory; urine, faeces and vomit  analysis and astrology and numerology. Beliefs about the causes of illness. Comparisons with medical diagnosis today.


The treatment of illnesses including: the uses of medicinal herbs, spices and foods; the role of astrology in healing . Comparisons with medical treatment today.


Tudor Surgery, with a display of surgical equipment, and description of how they were used and discussion of the anaesthetics were used.


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