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The Black Death: Medieval Health, Horrid Hygiene, Revolting Illnesses and Worse Cures

A presentation of medieval illness and disease with emphasis upon the causes, spread and effects of the Black Death.

How illness was diagnosed in Medieval times  using: humoural theory; urine analysis; and astrology. Beliefs about the causes of illness. Comparisons with medical diagnosis today.


The treatment of illnesses including: the uses of medicinal herbs, spices and foods; the role of astrology and religious artifacts in healing. Comparisons with medical treatment today.


Medieval Surgery, with display of surgical equipment, and description of how they were used and discussion of the anaesthetics were used and how war wounds were treated.


Relations With The French

Background to the Hundred Years War (1337-1453)
A presentation of the history of the Hundred Years War.
Choose from any of the following battles from the Hundred Years War. The presentation can be tailored to your own requirements.


Crecy (1346)
The first major land battle of the war: Genovese crossbow men against English bowmen.

Poitiers (1356)
The French King captured by Edward, the Black Prince.

The Siege of Harfleur and the battle of Agincourt (1415):
Once more into the breach 30,000 French against 6,000 Englishmen. One of the greatest English victories in history.
Orleans (1429)
The rise of Joan of Arc and the defeat of the English.

Relations with the Welsh.

An account of Owain Glyndwr revolt against the English, finishing with a dramatic account of the battle of Pilleth or the battle of Shrewsbury.

The Battle of Pilleth(1402)
Outnumbered and poorly equipped, Owain Glyndwr and his army defeat a superior English army. One of Glyndwr's greatest victories.

The Battle of Shrewsbury (1403)
Henry IV and Prince Hal, (the future Henry V), face the would-be usurper Hotspur. For the first time, Englishmen use the War bow against Englishmen. And find out how an arrowhead was removed.


Islam and the Crusades



Covers the Crusades from 1095-1291, including the capture of Jerusalem (1099); the Fourth Crusade (1198) and the Fall of Acre (1291). Includes an account of the Battle of Hattin (1197) between Guy, King of Jerusalem and Saladin and a display of weapons and armour used by the Crusaders. Also contained is an examination of the impact of the Islamic world upon Western Europe, focusing upon medicine and surgery.

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