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Wellingborough Medieval Festival 2014

 “When I am asked to provide a Medieval Event for a client I always check with Kevin to see if he is available, he is my number one choice as  Surgeon because of his deep knowledge of the subject and the entertaining and informative presentation, which is always extremely popular.”

                                                                                  David Smith.

                                                                             David Smith Events

Looking for a guaranteed crowd puller for your Historical event or festival?


I  demonstrate a range of medical and surgical procedures from Prehistory to the 17th century, including, (but not limited to): how illnesses were diagnosed (not for the squeamish!);  trepanning; dentistry; amputation; arrow and early bullet wound treatment and blood letting, (including live leeches).


Presentations can  include: Roman, Medieval (can be general or century specific), Tudor, Elizabethan, English Civil War.


All displays come  with a massive display of  medical and surgical equipment.


Presentations can be humorous  or otherwise but are historically accurate.


Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2014

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