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Amblecote History Society


Struggling to find the ideal Speaker for your Society or Group? I provide a range of presentations suitable for a variety of societies and groups. 


All presentations come with an appropriate display of museum-quality reproductions


Presenations include:


Medicine and Surgery


- Medieval Medicine


- Medicine from Prehistory to the Renaissance


- Surgery from Prehistory to the Renaissance


- A History of Arrow Wound Treatment from Prehistory to Renaissance


- The Other Arrow that Changed History


- The Physicians of Myddfai


- The Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Illness from   Prehistory to the Renaissance


-  They didn’t did they!?!”:

Sex in Medieval and Tudor Times

(For mature audiences only)


Medieval Weapons and Warfare:


-  The Medieval Bowman


-  Medieval Weapons


- The Welsh Wars of Edward I


- The Lords of Dudley Castle and the Rebellion of Llwelyn ap Gruffudd


- Battles from the Hundred Years War:

Crécy (1346); Poitiers  (1356);Agincourt (1415)


- The War of Owain Glyndŵr


- The Battle of Shrewsbury (1403)


-         Battles from the Wars of the Roses:

Blore Heath (1459);Mortimer’s Cross (1461);Towton (1461);Tewkesbury (1471); Bosworth (1485)



Can’t find the presentation you want? Then contact me by e.mail or telephone, as presentations can be tailored to your requirements.

speaker brochure (PDF) to download

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