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Whether to bring to life aspects of your local history or for an entertaining historical talk for your society or club, a number of presentations are offered.



Crecy (1346)
The first major land battle of the war: Genoese crossbow men against English bowmen

Poitiers (1356)
The French King captured by Edward, the Black Prince.

The Siege of Harfleur and the battle of Agincourt (1415):
30,000 French against 6,000 Englishmen. One of the greatest English victories.

Orleans (1429)
The rise of Joan of Arc and the defeat of the English

Henry IV and Prince Hal, (the future Henry V), face the would-be usurper Hotspur. For the first time, Englishmen use the War bow against Englishmen. And find out how an arrow head was removed from Prince Hal's face.


St. Albans (1455):
The first clash between the Houses of Lancaster and York

Blore Heath and Ludford Bridge (1459):
Yorkist victory and Yorkist defeat in Shropshire.

Mortimer's Cross (1461)
Three Suns in the sky herald a Yorkist victory

St. Albans (1461)
The second clash between the Houses of Lancaster and York

Towton (1461):
The biggest, longest and most bloody battle ever fought in Britain.

Barnet (1471)
The end of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick: The Kingmaker.

Tewkesbury (1471)
The last Yorkist victory

Bosworth (1485)
The famous battle between Henry Tudor and Richard III.

Stoke Field (1487)
The final battle between Lancaster and York

The Medieval Herbalist

Medieval Bowman

The Warlord

The Barber Surgeon

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