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The  Great Plague, 17th Century Health,
Horrid Hygiene, Revolting Illnesses and Worse  Cures  


A presentation and display upon  Seventeenth century illness and disease with emphasis upon the causes, spread and effects of the Great Plague.


Also includes:

 Beliefs about the causes of illness


How illness was diagnosed using:


- Humoural theory (What the 4 humours were and how they influenced health and illness)

- Analysis of urine and blood.

 How Illnesses were treated:

- Purging

 -        Blood Letting

(with surgical instruments and live leeches)

-        Cauterizing

-  The use of medicinal herbs, spices and food

 - How people protected themselves against the plague

Seventeenth Century Surgery with:

-        A huge display of museum-quality reproduction medieval surgical equipment

-        Demonstrations of how operations were carried out

-        Comparisons with medical diagnosis and treatment today.

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