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Above: At The Old House, Hereford.

My interest in medical matters is in my blood: my paternal grandmother was a "woman who birthed people and laid them out" and on my mother's side my ancestors were named Leech (from the Saxon "Laece" meaning healer).

I have been a professional Historical Interpreter since 2005 and my interest in the many aspects of medical history has grown. I strive to bring academic rigour (I am a graduate of Cardiff, Birmingham and Staffordshire Universities) to my displays and presentations so all aspects have been thoroughly researched using primary and secondary sources.

I have been the resident medieval surgeon for Tewkesbury Medieval Festival for a number of years and regularly appear at Hampton Court Castle, Leominster, The Commandery Worcester; Ludlow Castle and a number of community historical festivals. I have also worked for the National Trust and English Heritage.

I have written a number of books and articles on aspects of medical history.

I have also appeared in a number of documentaries, the latest being series 2 of "Mystic Britain": "Leeches, Plagues and Potions" and "The Great Plague" for Channel 5.



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