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"A great range of knowledge of early methods of medical treatment and an astonishing display"
Anne O'Brien, Author "The Forbidden Queen"

"Kevin has an amazing range of surgical instruments that span the centuries. His knowledge of medical theory and practice throughout history is extensive, but he presents it in such an interesting and amusing way, so that you learn more in five minutes than you would believe possible. Definitely the best surgeon I know"
Michael Brown, Author of "Death in the Garden: Poisonous Plants and Their Use Throughout History"

"An amazing display of surgical tools and their uses..."
Living History in Worcester

"It was wonderful to see your array of implements, including leeches! We had lots of positive feedback about you throughout the day; you clearly captured everyone's imagination"
Abington Park Museum

"Informative, entertaining, factual and amusing"
Brampton Museum

"Really brings the past to life"
Dudley Zoological Gardens and Castle

"When I am asked to provide a Medieval Event for a client I always check with Kevin to see if he is available, he is my number one choice as Surgeon because of his deep knowledge of the subject and the entertaining and informative presentation, which is always extremely popular."
David Smith. David Smith Events

Ellesmere Primary School

"He was funny, smart and very knowledgeable, and always made us laugh! He was able to teach us new things whilst making sure that we were having a good time."
James Brindley School, Birmingham

"Our GCSE historians were fortunate enough to attend a talk given by a specialist in medical history. Kevin Goodman from Bows, Blades and Battles; showed his vast repertoire of medical tools and showed students how surgeons would treat the afflicted in simpler times. His knowledge and expertise offered excellent support to the students as they prepared for their exams."
Birmingham Ormiston Academy

"Highly entertaining and extremely informative"
Harewood Junior School, Gloucester

ESS-Team CIC: Education and Skills = Success, Walsall

"Enthralled both pupils and staff with his extensive knowledge of medieval medicine "
Bishop Vaughan School, Swansea

"Kevin's expert subject knowledge and replica tools and instruments really brought to life the complex beliefs people had about illness from the Romans, Medieval European, Islamic and Renaissance periods. Kevin also skilfully explained the different operations that were carried out in the past and the changes that led to improvements and developments. Kevin's sessions were enlivened by his extensive collection of replica tools and surgical implements. Event organiser Miss Charles said, "The day was excellent revision for all the students involved. It really brought to life all the developments in medicine students have studied in year 9 and it was great to see the students interacting with the different artefacts."
Aldridge School

"The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Richard III, Battle of Bosworth, etc (especially the weapons and disgusting bits!). You know they've enjoyed something when they want to say behind after school to try on the armour and are still talking about it the next day. The pack you gave us was very useful for follow up activities too."
Hurst Hill Primary School


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