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Medicine Through Time/Health And The People


“Our GCSE historians were fortunate enough to attend a talk given by a specialist in medical history. Kevin Goodman from ‘Bows, Blades and Battles’ showed his vast repertoire of medical tools and showed students how surgeons would treat the afflicted in simpler times. His knowledge and expertise offered excellent support to the students as they prepared for their exams.”

Birmingham Ormistan Academy


Ideal for Edexcel "Medicine in Britain c.1250-present" ; AQA "Health and the people: c.1000  to the present day"; OCR The People's Health c.1250 to present"


 (Can be adjusted according to requirements):

-  Western and Islamic Medieval  Medicine

- Vesalius and Paré and  advances in knowledge of anatomy and developments in surgery

- How a person’s status and living conditions affected their health, hygiene, illnesses and treatment  up to the modern day.

- Domestic medicine, hospitals and caring for the ill.

Beliefs about the causes of illness from the Four Humours to Germ Theory

How illnesses were  diagnosed from the Four Humours to Germ Theory

The treatment of illness  from Leeches to Antibiotics

(including vaccinations)

- The supernatural (from astrology to alternative therapies).



- A huge display of  museum-quality reproduction surgical instruments ranging from Prehistory to the modern day and a  demonstration of how they were used

- Discussion of the anaesthetics used.

- Comparisons with the medical diagnosis and treatments of  today.

Who doesn't love a Leech?

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