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Portraying surgeon Richard Wiseman at The Commandery, Worcester

Surgery is the offspring of war and battlefield surgeons such as Richard Wiseman (1621-1676), began to make advances in battlefield surgery, with procedures such as amputation becoming more common.
But it was also a century of change, and despite old beliefs regarding medicine remaining entrenched, advances were being made : William Harvey (1578-1657) gave a detailed description of the circulation and properties of blood.

Discover how the civil war surgeon surgeon treated battlefield wounds, amputated, and trepanned.
- How illnesses were diagnosed
- Bleeding
-How teeth were pulled
-The perils of lithotomy (surgical removal of a stone) from the bladder, kidney, or urinary tract.
And much more.

The display includes a massive display of museum quality surgical instruments of the 17th century

The Old House, Hereford, 2023

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